Saturday, 27 September 2008

Welcome to The ARLIM project!!!


Welcome to The ARLIM project blog, where you can find information about the world of augmented reality and live information through mobile devices. That's our idea for this site but, also, it's a way to show all the people our progress with our university project.

To resume it, we'll develop an application that allows everyone, who has a mobile device with camera, to obtain live information and access to specified Internet WebPages while viewing the real world through their cameras. That information will be shown thanks to the augmented reality technology, which consists in combine virtual images and the real ones.

We'll upload this blog with more information about the world of augmented reality, mobile devices and other stuff related to our project. Sometimes in an expert way for programmers; other times easier as a gesture for those who are not familiar with code, IT and so on.

We know it's gonna be tough due to the complexity of the overall idea, but we'll try to give the best of ourselves to reach this aim.

We hope you can learn and have fun with us.

So, as I said before, welcome!

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Blanca said...

Well done..! Sure this will be a good idea to learn more about augmented reality technology and gadget to be used in this unknown world.. Keep on doing this way.. I will look through your progress as often as I can..!!