Monday, 29 September 2008

First step

Well, now we have to choose our platform to develop the project. We have several options.

The first one is Apple and the iPhone, Apple has recently published the last version of the SDK. The iPhone is a great device (maybe the best) but the SDK provided is a little bit limited (we can’t code in PC e.g.), and we are not convinced by the policy of accepting applications to the iTunes Store.

The second one is Android. Google has announced some days ago the G1 with the support of T-Mobile. We think that the SDK is open and powerful, on the other hand we could use the services of Google natively. The applications are made in Java, an easy language and flexible at the same time.

The last one is Windows Mobile that is on the market longer than Apple and Google, but we believe that the power of movement of Apple and Google is higher than Microsoft, maybe because the applications of windows mobile is more focus on companies and businesses and the others is for everyone.

We are considering that the best option is Android, what do you think?


BiG_FooT said...

So cute, man!!!


KERALAM said...

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